January 22, 2024

Rotary APADPEL Upcoming Celebration

In April 2021, Bob Koncerak met leaders of APADPEL (Assn. of Parents of Down Syndrome Persons Pelotas) at the lakeside town of Laranjal to learn about and understand their mission.  APADPEL is a remarkable organization of volunteers--recognized by the city, by significant corporations and by supporting not-for-profit organizations. 

He asked the APADPEL leaders about their programs for improving the lives of Down syndrome persons.  He was impressed and moved to help them. We prayed by the lake that afternoon and asked God to lead us in how we might further their efforts...via an introduction to Rotary. 

Today, the Rotary's APADPEL project and our RI Global Grant partnership with Rotary Pelotas-Oeste, R.S. Brazil have completed construction of the first building phase. Training/therapy courses will begin in 1Q24.

We look forward to hearing much more from Brazil in the coming months!

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