We are constantly inspired by the kindness, dedication, and sacrifice of others around the world in relation to helping those in need, especially children. When we found out about the St Barnabas Orthodox Mission School, and we knew it was something we needed to be a part of.

  • Kenya Project
Kenya Project

We are partnering with St Barnabus Orthodox Mission School and Church. St Barnabus Orthodox Mission gives children a healthy start and a reflective journey of life with a sense of nurturing them into successful individuals. They offer children an exponential opportunity to get educated and protect them from unhealthy indulgences and corrosive contamination. And by transforming the lives of these children, they create a vacuum that sets them up into successful heights in life

St Barnabus Orthodox Mission School and Church making an impact in the community:


Helping a child now helps an entire community later.

Hellen's Preschool Kampala, Uganda

Kajoma Child Prosperity Center

Uganda 2018