Helping a child now helps an entire community later.

All for One is growing and reaching more children around the world. Our sponsorship program allows individuals to sponsor the cost of supporting one child in need in areas All For One is currently developing. Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child.

Your sponsorship makes a global impact.

Kajoma Child Prosperity Center

Uganda 2018

St. Barnabas Orthodox Mission Orphanage and School

Kenya 2023

Your generous sponsorship will play a crucial role in providing vital support to orphaned children who have been profoundly affected by the devastating impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, famine, drought, and civil unrest. With your sponsorship, these vulnerable children will gain access to a range of essential necessities that are often taken for granted, including clean water, nutritious food, healthcare services, and quality education. Your support will not only ensure their basic needs are met but also offer them a pathway to a brighter future filled with hope and opportunity.

By choosing to sponsor a child or children, you will establish a meaningful connection that goes beyond financial assistance. Through communication and updates, you'll have the chance to witness the transformative impact of your support firsthand. Your sponsorship will provide these children with more than just material resources; it will offer them a sense of belonging, encouragement, and the knowledge that someone cares deeply about their well-being and future prospects. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these deserving children, empowering them to overcome adversity and reach their full potential.

This is your opportunity to make a bigger impact than you ever thought imaginable.


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