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Our partnerships in Nepal provided educational outreach to adolescent girls and contributed to birthing centers and health facilities to promote the health of newborns, children, and mothers.

AFO Impact - Nepal - Educational Outreach
AFO Impact - Nepal - Educational Outreach

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AFO Impact - Nepal - Educational Outreach
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Nepal Project 1

In 2015, All For One Foundation collaborated with CARE to help with disaster relief efforts in Nepal after the April 25, 2015, Gorkha 7.8 magnitude earthquake. It was the worst Nepali natural disaster since the 1934 earthquake that damaged many homes and flattened entire villages.

Nepal Project 2

All For One has partnered with Kids of Kathmandu (KOK) of the Kalikot District, in Surkhet, Nepal. We were introduced to Director Bhushan Dahal by long time friend of AFO, Kavin Aryal who has agreed to be the AFO Ambassador for Napal.


In the district of Kalikot, there are entire villages where the children have no access to mentorship or education at any level. Kids of Kathmandu (KOK) will run a full time education center for more than 150 children between the ages of five and fifteen. Through our Accelerator Program, KOK will be able to provide two years of curriculum for each student.

Nepal Impact

As reported by CARE, most girls in Nepal are forced to drop out of school at a very young age to work, do household chores, and have children. The SOAR initiative in Nepal helped 413 out-of-school adolescent girls at four different schools successfully acquire a fifth-grade education in just 11 months. 73% of the girls in the program were mainstreamed into formal schools and provided additional vocational skills.

  • Of Nepal’s population of 29 million, 25% live in poverty, which makes Nepal one of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty in Nepal contributes to a high mortality rate.
  • For every 1,000 children born in Nepal, 35 die before their fifth birthday due to lack of healthcare.
  • In 2015, the Nepal Earthquake (Gorkha Earthquake) killed over 8,000 people, and thousands were injured. 
  • Over 500,000 homes were destroyed during the 2015 Nepal Earthquake.


Volunteers are the backbone of All For One and are instrumental to our success.

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As the foundation grows and expands to reaching more children impacted by poverty, malnutrition, and lack of education, we believe there is an urgent need to build this network, which is the centerpiece of our organization.

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Volunteer vetting process

All For One continues to be passionate about building a strong community of volunteers that complements the countless efforts of our organization. Active volunteers’ enthusiasm encourages all of us. We believe that each of our stories is critical to the legacy and impact that we have in the world. Each actively involved volunteer will share a short story of themselves and their purpose for joining the mission.

Volunteers select an area of interest and write a short story of themselves, including what motivates and inspires them, what activities fill their day, their values, and how they can add to All For One’s culture.

The Ideal Volunteer

Loving what you do is the epitome of fulfillment. An ideal volunteer embodies a love of selfless giving of themselves, their talents, and their time. Volunteering is a generous and noble feat where one offers time, self, skills, and talents freely. Giving selflessly is a powerful attribute to give back to the community. The volunteer questionnaire assists in identifying and developing characteristics ideal for being a volunteer for All For One.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Interactive activities (ready and available to act in new projects)
  • Continuous fundraising efforts (e.g., community outreach)
  • Fundraising for donations and sponsors
  • Public relations
  • Individual donations Corporate contact
  • Event planning
  • Administrative duties and responsibilities (as assigned to specific projects)
  • And more as opportunities as the foundation grows