Providing healthcare, education, and shelter for children around the world.

Every community is different. There’s not one blueprint we can follow to help the people in the world who need it most. But there are basic human rights like access to healthcare, education, and having a safe place to live that we have become experts at providing.

There are 140 million* orphans globally










Example Projects

Child Prosperity Center (CPC)

Infant and Children’s Health

Health Clinic Revitalization

School / Classroom Revitalization

Children’s Education

(Literacy & Basic & Critical Thinking)

Future Projects

  • Furnish Children’s Home in Wellington, Sierra Leone
  • Clinic completion in Mayatown, Uganda
  • Grow Sponsor-a-Child Program
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Romania
  • Libera

Find out how you can be involved in All For One’s future projects.

Furnish Children’s Home in Wellington Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone project is scheduled to be completed in July 2021. Upon completion we still need to furnish the facility by purchasing and installing kitchen equipment, laundry facility, bedding, and staffing. While we are finalizing the facility for occupancy, we will need sponsors for the children; a $50 monthly donation will feed, cloth, house, and teach a child. All For One thank all the donors and sponsors for their continuous support and we are continuously looking for more donors and sponsors continuously.

All For One is turning the page on the first phase of the Child Prosperity Center, but the work and the need for your support.

The clinic completion in Mayatown, Uganda

The Sierra Leone project is scheduled to complete in December 2020. Upon completion, we will be furnishing the facility by purchasing and installing kitchen equipment, laundry facilities, bedding, and staffing. While we are finalizing the facility for occupancy, we will need sponsors for the children; a $50 monthly donation will feed, clothe, house, and teach a child.

Efforts to grow child sponsorship

2020 has been a most interesting year. Our student body, which consists of 55 orphans and 75 students from the surrounding community, continues to demonstrate amazing resilience and capacity for handling change.

Our medical clinic is nearing completion. After the completion of the physical structure, we will begin furnishing the facility with beds, medical supplies, and ancillary equipment. We will begin seeing patients regarding non-critical medical needs immediately.

This medical clinic will fill a massive void and serve to address a gripping shortage of medical attention for the people of Kampala Uganda.


Helping a child now helps an entire community later.

Hellen's Preschool Kampala, Uganda

Kajoma Child Prosperity Center

Uganda 2018

This is your opportunity to make a bigger impact than you ever thought imaginable.

All For One is growing and reaching more children around the world. Our sponsorship program allows individuals to sponsor the cost of supporting one child in need in areas All For One is currently developing.

You can make a difference in the lives of the children by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship provides the opportunity for the orphans at Hellen’s Pre-Primary School. The children are orphaned in Uganda due to HIV/AIDS pandemic, famine, drought, and civil unrest. By sponsoring a child/children, you will get unique access to a newsletter about the child/children you decide to sponsor.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a child.



If leaving a legacy of service is your passion, then you are the piece of the puzzle we need to continue our great work for children around the world.



In order to make the level of impact the children and communities we’re helping deserve, we need to work together. Become a private or corporate donor.

Make an impact on a child & community now.

Donations enable the visions and goals of All For One along with it’s charitable organizations to be realized.

Stay in touch with our latest news…

After careful consideration, we are postponing our fundraising gala until Spring 2022. 

We remain vigilant and passionate to truly make a difference for children in need and will get back to you with more information on specific dates in the near future. 

Over the next months, we will be continuing our efforts to complete the Prosperity Center for the children of Sierra Leone.

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

We look forward to hosting you soon!