UNICEF acknowledges that the state of children’s rights is still dire and needs continuous work.

How can you help the LaFond School?

LaFond School is a thriving, exciting place for learning. Adults in the community also have the opportunity to learn about health, agriculture, English, and literacy. We are thankful for its many supporters. In the future, the Meances hope to see LaFond School grow into a model of sustainable development and education in rural areas.

The new developments are very exciting for the school and its surrounding community. LaFond School families feel an incredible sense of pride in the school and are thrilled at the opportunities it provides to their students. However, the school still has a long way to go. LaFond School currently relies heavily on personal donations to pay their teachers, buy supplies, and fund student scholarships.

For more information and to discuss the many ways you can be involved with LaFond School, contact us.

Thank you for your interest in supporting LaFond School.

Organize a Fundraiser

With your school, religious group, or community to raise money for LaFond School.

Sponsor a Construction Project

Such as the the reconstruction of a LaFond School family’s house.

Visit LaFond School

Volunteer to teach

English or other skills to the children of LaFond.


Volunteers are the backbone of All For One and are instrumental to our success.