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The CEPIA Girls Club project offers a one-year psychological workshop to high-risk girls aged 8 to 13. The girls learn about human rights, gender violence, the importance of education, personal safety, financial management, sexuality, and nonviolent communication.

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Costa Rica Project

In 2014, All For One Foundation partnered with CEPIA (Culture, Education, and Psychology for Infants and Adolescents) in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Our partnership helped to make improvements to the community center to allow for continued hosting of various programs and provide assistance to children/teenagers in need and their families. In 2018, we also supported four different girls’ clubs that help to educate and empower vulnerable girls living in poverty or high-risk situations.

In 2018, All For One partnered with CEPIA to fund three girls’ clubs. In 2020, AFO continued the efforts and again partnered with CEPIA to fund another girls’ club. We intend to expand the program, recruit more psychologists to make a greater impact in more communities, and resume activities soon.

Costa Rica Impact

The funds supported three clubs—a total of 62 girls, aged 8 to 13—for one year. At the end of the year, the girls in the program complete a measurement questionnaire where they express what they learned throughout the year.

  • In 2014, in Costa Rica it was indicated that 24,000 children who should be in primary school are not.*
  • More than 65% of poor Costa Ricans are under the age of 35.**
  • Children under the age of 18 make up the largest single group of poor nationals in Costa Rica.**
  • In 2018, 22.9% of people living in Costa Rica lived in poverty, and 6.3% lived in extreme poverty.**
  • About 60% suffer forms of violence and abuse.**
  • Girls age 7 to 12 are at high risk of abuse; 25% of teenage girls become pregnant, and 40% of youth do not finish high school.**

*United Nations Development Program, June 2, 2014 **Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)