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Our focus in Malawi is education, specifically for girls. We have been so happy to see the success of the SOAR program and are excited to see what the girls who have gone through the program will accomplish in the future.

Malawi Poverty Statistic
80% of Malawi is rural agricultural
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Malawi Project

CARE introduced the SOAR program in Malawi and showed success in the pilot group. The 2018 program started in September and completed in August 2019 with 649 adolescents with a 70% attendance rate.

In 2020, AFO joined the efforts to continue empowering girls and provide educational opportunities for girls. 

Malawi Impact

The pilot cohort group had 702 adolescent learners, including 401 girls. In August of 2018, 73% graduated (343 girls and 235 boys), and 40% transitioned to nearby schools to continue their education. 

The girls are in the SOAR program, where they are in an 11-month accelerated program and graduate to public schools to continue their learning. For continued success, the program engages with communities in Malawi that enforce the success of the program’s growth.