January 14, 2021

Nancie Apps – A Lifelong Commitment to Giving

We are incredibly honored that Nancie Apps, AFO donor and volunteer, has made a significant private donation in support of the Child Prosperity Center currently under construction in Sierra Leone. In remembrance of Nancie’s late husband, the Victor House of Hope will serve as an important piece of the center where children will be given a second chance at receiving an education, healthcare, and even a home for some.  

In Nancie’s words, “When I decided to help build the orphanage in Sierra Leone with All For One in honor of my late husband, Victor, I made a commitment to not just give money but give of myself. I honor my commitments, and this will be a lifetime conviction to follow me after I am gone. My sons will see to that. I could have done anything to honor Victor’s name with any charity, but I chose AFO because of founder Jeff Levitan. He made the same commitment that started this charity 16 years ago. I knew then as I do three years later that making a difference is not just the amount of money you contribute; it’s the time and burning desire to truly make a difference in your life, no matter how big or small. That is why I continue to donate as I have recently done again, not just because it is needed, but to be an example of what charity really looks like.” 

This donation is Nancie’s second sizable contribution to this project. In 2018, along with her two sons, Giorgio and Dominic, she visited Sierra Leone with AFO founder Jeff Levitan on what would end up being a life-changing trip. This was just the beginning of her labor of love in Africa for children who desperately need AFO’s help.

“I am anxiously waiting for the day I can return to Africa when we can travel again and begin the real work helping to fill up our home we built with 180 children, creating help beyond hope where they are loved and cared for.” 

We hope you will join our mission in the spirit of charity as Nancie has. The rewards of giving back and seeing lives transformed by these projects are unparalleled. Any gift you give, large or small, will make a difference for the children and communities around the world that we serve. 

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