Sierra Leone Child Prosperity Center

providing help beyond hope in Sierra Leone, Africa


We are now open and helping the children of Sierra Leone.

The Sierra Leone Child Prosperity Center (SLCPC) was inaugurated on June 1, 2022.

With plentiful space for activities that teach valuable life skills, a kitchen and nutrition center, a modernized medical clinic and more, the Sierra Leone Child Prosperity Center is ready to provide care to children during the most critical times of their lives.

About our Child Prosperity Center

All For One Foundation partnered with Sierra Leone International Mission School (SLIMS) in 2017 to build the 22,000 sq. ft. Sierra Leone Child Prosperity Center to function as a safe haven for children and families in need of additional support and services.

The new center now provides interim housing and care to children who await a forever home, while also functioning as a place of hope for families to be unified and ultimately thrive. The SLCPC also provides sustainability courses in personal farming, literacy, recycling, job preparation, and small trade training.

About Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is coastal country in West Africa bordered by Liberia and Guinea. The capital and largest city is Freetown.

When the Ebola virus crisis happened in Sierra Leone, there was work to be done. In 2015, our commitment to the region started when we first partnered with SLIMS to help the community afflicted by the outbreak, leaving thousands of children orphaned and impoverished.

Our Programs

  • Reunification Program
  • Interim Care Program
Reunification Program

Our primary goal is to reunify children with their biological family members. We know that over 80% of children living in orphanages worldwide have at least one family member who, if given the proper resources, could care for the child.

Our priority is establishing a family tie and relationship for each child who comes into our care or program by building a family tree of support for each child. In cases where biological family is not traceable, or unable to care for the child even with support, then extended family is searched for. We prioritize options with the least amount of emotional/mental impact on the child by keeping them as connected to ‘home’ as much as possible.

Interim Care Program

In the case where the family is not traceable, the final stop is long-term residential care.

Naming Opportunities

The spaces that are changing the lives of children can feature your name or the name of someone you love. That's powerful!

Contributors who donate $1,000 or more to our center will have their name or the name of someone important to them inscribed on a plaque in the center. This is another chance to leave a lasting impression on the Sierra Leone Child Prosperity Center.

Children's Rooms

Dedicated rooms to house orphaned children or children awaiting reunification with their families.

Still available to fund!


This dedicated space for help with diet and food preparation will ensure proper nutrition for the children and families.

Still available to fund!

Medical Clinic

Ensuring children have access to critical medical services is a pillar of our facility.

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Staff Spaces

This office space is dedicated to our hard-working staff so they can be most effective in helping families.

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