March 27, 2024

Kids of Kathmandu Building Opportunites

Kids of kathmandu building opportunites

Oda (Kalikot district) stands as one of Nepal’s most remote and less-developed, providing an opportunity to experience the traditional lifestyles and cultures of the inhabitants in the Himalayan region. Located in an isolated area, Oda grapples with numerous social issues. Within this community, problems such as caste discrimination, untouchability, the practice of chhaupadi (isolating menstruating women and girls from their homes), school dropout, and child marriages persist.

Through our collaborative effort with Kids of Kathmandu, we aspires to improve the quality of education in this region. We firmly believe that education is the key as it can establish a strong foundation for addressing social issues and instigating positive societal transformations. This initiative provides support for two teachers until 2025, effectively bridging the shortage of educators at the school. These teachers will be responsible for teaching mathematics, science, and general subjects to students ranging from grades 1 to 8. With our dynamic and youthful teaching staff, we are committed to elevating the quality of education at this school.

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