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Hanna Horenstein

Advisory Board Member

HannaHorenstein 01.jpg
There is goodness in the world.
— Hanna Horenstein

Hanna was born in Toronto, Canada her mom immigrated from Ukraine and her father from Israel, she moved to Los Angles as a young child. She attended five years of college and then made a very conscious decision not the get her degree, after working in real estate and mortgage sales and started her own corporation at the age of 21.  At age 22 she began building her own financial services business with World Financial Group. Hanna became intrigued with All For One over 15 years ago with their work in developing countries and made a business plan to be involved in the charity. Being a board member Hanna felt like she can make a great impact for a small amount of money.  She believes that a mindset is very important and if we can provide care and hope for the children they can hope for a better future.