After-school programs, psychological counseling, trainings to acquire professional skills—those are but a few of the numerous programs offered by CEPIA aimed at helping—both on the short and long term—children and adults from the local community.

CEPIA is a Costa Rica-based non-profit and non-governmental organization which seeks to improve the quality of life of the children, teenagers, and their families from poor backgrounds in Costa Rica by promoting cultural development, educational and labor opportunities, physical and mental health, and social cohesion and participation.

CEPIA offers various programs for members of the community: 

  • After-school program - Classes for children and teenagers taught weekly in an effort to supplement the public school curricula
  • Psychology and Education - Psychological and educational counseling for children who are referred by teachers and parents
  • Training Teenagers into the Future - Training for local teenagers with the intention of promoting autonomy, financial stability, and long-term employment
  • Care for Children in Poverty - Weekly support in the form of food, clothes, and other necessities for those living in extreme poverty
  • Scholarships - Scholarships for about 60 impoverished teenagers aimed at covering educational expenses

To learn more about CEPIA, visit their website HERE